Class 10 Hindi Chapter 4 Kshitij Aatmkathya Question Answer

Jaishankar Prasad ji’s friends requested him to write autobiography, whereas Jaishankar ji did not want to write his autobiography. Therefore, keeping the request of his friends, Prasad ji composed this poem. In this poem, he describes his experience towards life.
According to him, this world is mortal, because every life one day breaks down like a withered leaf. He has shown the reality and lack of life in this poem how every person is sad due to some injury somewhere. Then whether it is the injury of the girlfriend or not getting cheated by friends.
According to him, he has not done any such work, by which people will listen to his autobiography. He feels that if he reveals the truth of his life to everyone, people will ridicule him and his friends will consider themselves guilty. According to the poet, his life is full of simplicity and weakness and he did not do any great work in life. According to him, his life-style gag has remained empty.
In this way we can say that in the lines presented where the simplicity of the poet is revealed, on the other hand his greatness is also revealed.

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