Chipko Movement

Hello friends, here we have a good news for those who are searching for Chipko Movement PDF. In this post we have provided direct download link for this PDF. Chipko Movement is also known as Chipko Andolan. It was started in 1973 in Uttarakhand and became one of most popular movement of India. It is one of the biggest nonviolent protest in India that was started to conserve forests in India. Below we have given direct download link for Chipko Andolan PDF.
The Gandhian activist Sunderlal Bahuguna given proper direction to Chipko Andolan. Around millions of Indian citizen have taken part in this great movement. The movement got its name from protesters literally hugging trees to protect them from loggers.

Chipko Movement PDF – Objectives

  • Save Trees
  • Save Animals from Killing
  • Feed Birds
  • Stop Cutting of Trees.
  • Conserve Forest.

Here you can download the Chipko Movement PDF by click on the link given below.

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