Britannia Product List

Dear Readers, if you are the user of the Britannia Brand and have interest to know more about the products of it then you will find our article most interesting because it will provide you the Britannia Product List PDF in details. The Indian Company Britannia was founded in 1892 in Calcutta called as Britannia Biscuit Company. Britannia Biscuits is famous for its taste and available at a reasonable and affordable price worldwide. Britannia Company is the largest manufacturer of biscuits, and snacks for over 120 years. Its products reaches to around 300 homes across India. Britannia products are available in more than 3 Million shops in the world wide. Britannia is a leader which holds larger share in the Indian Biscuit Market.
Britannia is mostly famous because it provides full satisfaction to its users and available at very less price if we compare with its competitors. The different varieties of its products make its reach to every sector. Every Class of our society can afford it happily because of discrimination of prices according to the products.

Britannia Product List PDF

Britannia diversifies in following Sectors:

  • Biscuits Sectors
  • Bread, Cakes and Rusk Sectors
  • Gift Sectors
  • Dairy Products

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