Break the Chain Maharashtra Order

Due to the rising cases of COVID-19, the Maharashtra government has issued new guidelines for restrictions on office attendance, marriage ceremonies, and travel. The new set of restrictions will commence from 7 am 1st May to remain in force until 7 Am on 15th May 2021. The government issued the Break the Chain guideline on 13th April 2021. The state government issued these orders after reported 67,000 cases and 568 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Break the Chain Maharashtra Guideline

  • State-wide section 144 has been imposed and night curfew from 8 PM to 7 AM
  • No one to move in public places without valid reasons, except people in essential services
  • All public transport open fully – Autos: driver +2; taxi: driver + 50%, bus: full seating occupancy only
  • All offices to work from home except central, state and local government, co-op, state and Pvt banks, offices of advocates – but no visitors to such offices
  • Private vehicles can ply only for emergency, essential services
  • All restaurants, bars shut – only home delivery allowed
  • All manufacturing units needed for essential services to remain operational with full capacity. Units that cannot stop immediately and cannot restart immediately may continue with a maximum of 50% workforce. Moreover, units providing accommodation to their labour in the same campus or in an isolated campus may continue to work
  • Street hawkers to be allowed from 7 AM to 8 PM – but only for takeaways
  • Newspapers, magazines can be printed and circulated – only home delivery allowed
  • Entertainment places like cine-plex, theatres, Amusement Parks/ Arcades/ Video Game Parlours, water parks, gyms, auditoriums, clubs, swimming pools, sports complexes, shooting for films, beaches, gardens, open spaces all shut
  • All shops, malls, shopping centers not performing essential services shut
  • All saloons, beauty parlors, and Spa would remain closed
  • Religious places shut but the staff is allowed to function
  • Schools and colleges shut, Pvt coaching classes – Exceptions include students of 10th and 12th, staff
  • No religious, social, cultural or political functions allowed. District collectors allowed to give permissions for political gatherings where polls are to be held. Attendees capped at 200 if 50% whichever is less.
  • Marriages allowed only with 25 people present – all staff to have COVID-ve certificate
  • Funerals allowed with 20 people
  • E-commerce allowed delivery of essential goods and services
  • Co-operative housing societies – more than 5 cases will be taken as ‘micro-containment’ areas
  • Construction activity allowed on sites where labourers are living onsite

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