Developing a food delivery app is not easy to succeed in the market. Because, nowadays there is huge competition in this field. So many business owners and entrepreneurs started stepping into their lucrative food delivery business.

It definitely includes market research, knowledge about customization, smart features etc. There are four dashboards here,..

  • Admin
  • User
  • Restaurant
  • Driver
  • This blog briefly explains about the features in the UberEats Clone Script.


    Food delivery apps are easy to use, so that users can easily place their order. In this User, the most important thing is that the user must login or sign up into the app. Without login, they can not get the features in the app.

    The app needs simple information for login like phone number or mail id or any other social logins. The registration method must be easy and faster.


    When entering into an app, The app needs a username, address, payment, password is enough at the beginning. After login, users can look at the menu, restaurant history, cuisines and prices.

    Users difficult to find their food items in the app? They can easily get the food item list using filters or features. Like, cuisine management, browsing or searching their favourites and they can add their favourite in a separate list.

    Payment, which is done fast and secured by users. They can pay cash on delivery or online payment. After the process is done, users can track their order through the app. Once delivering an order item to the customer, the app should ask about the experience. They can give feedback about the service into the app.


    This is one of the essential parts of the app. The restaurant owner has set the food item lists into the app. Before that, they must login or sign up. After, They maintain the order management, customer alerts like order received and give some instructions while packing the food, menu, and price.

    They have to login into the app. Delivery partners can accept or decline the order using this panel. Only when the driver accepts the order, the driver get the user’s location.


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