Birth Class 11 Questions and Answers

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Detailed Table of Chapter 7 – Birth Class 11 Questions and Answers Class 11 PDF

1. Board CBSE
2. subject English
3. Chapter 7
4. Class 11th
5. Title of the Chapter Birth
6. Author 

Birth Class 11 Questions and Answers Class 11 PDF

Question 1:
Who was Joe? Morgan? Why had he been waiting for Dr. Andrew Manson?

Joe Morgan was a driller in Blaenelly, a mining town. He was a big, strong, and heavy middle-aged person. Joe and his wife Susan, who had been married nearly twenty years, were expecting their first child. Joe was waiting for the doctor to help Susan in the delivery of the child.
Question 2:
Where did Joe lead Andrew? Why did he not go in with the doctor?

Answer: Joe Morgan led Andrew to his house, 12, Blaina Terrace. His wife was about to deliver her first child after being married for nearly twenty years. Joe was quite tense. He refused to go inside the house. Even his voice showed signs of strain.
Question 3:
“Don’t fret, mother, I’ll not run away”. Why do you think Andrew says so?

Mrs. Morgan’s mother offered to make a cup of tea for the doctor. The experienced woman had realized that there must be a period of waiting. She was afraid that the doctor would leave^ the case saying that he would return later.
Question 4:
Why did Andrew decide to remain there until everything was over?

Andrew had reached Bryngower at about midnight. He was very worried and upset. He needed some rest and sleep. He knew that he could not sleep even for an hour if he went home. Secondly, he knew that the case would demand all his attention. He felt lethargic and decided to remain there until everything was over.

Birth Class 11 Questions and Answers Class 11 PDF- MORE QUESTIONS SOLVED

Question 1:
‘There lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of a practicing physician.’ Discuss.

Normally, the medicines prescribed in the textbooks are used by practicing physicians. However, in extreme cases of emergency, the physician’s experience, resourcefulness, and practical approach become far more important than the theoretical knowledge. For example, a victim of bum injury, snakebite, or suffocation through drowning needs immediate help. The nearest available doctor may not have all the facilities needed for the case. In such a situation first-aid is a must to save the patient’s life before rushing him to the hospital for proper care. With limited resources at his command, the practicing physician exercises all his practical experience to control the damage to the minimum and check the victim’s state from further deterioration. A stitch in time does save nine in such cases. The practical help comes as a boon.
Question 3:
Do you know of any incident when someone has been brought back to life from the brink of death through medical help? Discuss medical procedures such as organ transplants and organ regeneration that are used to save human life.

Yes, I have seen and heard of incidents where people have been brought back to life from the brink of death through medical help. Surgical operations, life-saving drugs, and organ transplants play a leading role in modem medical science. Leading hospitals in advanced countries have facilities for medical procedures such as organ transplants and organ regeneration. The blood bank and eye bank are quite common. Nowadays people willingly donate various organs of their body to the hospitals after their death. The techniques of organ regeneration help to preserve them for a certain period and use them for transplanting the defective organ of another patient. Nowadays eye, heart, kidney, and liver are being transplanted. The time is not far off when artificial human organs will be made in laboratories from non-human sources.
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